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I fell in love with the design when I first saw it, as I appreciate tech-inspired style. What I didn't anticipate was how breathable and comfortable the material is. I wear it on hot and cold days, and it keeps me comfortable in both.

Michael J.

me and my dad both bought a ciborg hoodie. we are loving them! super comfortable, and right down our alleys when it comes to style. I finally have something that feels tech-y in my wardrobe :)

Teresa G.

Bought one of these for my son for his birthday. He loves it! He's a big Tesla fan, and says it reminds him of their cars. Very satisfied!

Kerrie E.

The design is cool, the material is comfortable and durable, and when I had a question about my order they responded quickly.

Jeremy R.

I feel like Iron Man when im wearing it!

Tom R.

I love feeling stylish, and own many different designer pieces because of this. But in all of my travels on the internet or in stores I hadn't run across something that made me feel that my interest in tech and fashion could be united really. All of the designs were either over the top or barely there. The ciborg hoodies seems to strike a nice balance between the two. I will consider buying again in the future!

Jake T.

The design is cool and the shipping time was way better then I expected. I got it in literally 5 days. When I had a question about my order they answered quickly. Would buy again.

Kathy J.

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